Buy £5 Bills Online
Buy £5 Bills Online
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Buy £5 Bills Online



400x£5 Pounds bills, Total of £2,000 Pounds.
The picture depicted on our website for 5 pounds bills will be the same as you will receive it. Also, these bills are offered in high quality and with no color leakage that make our bills to stand apart from other counterfeit money making companies. This undetectable counterfeit money after the production looks like real money and is somehow closely related to the real thing.

Specifications and our company services for our customers on 5 euro bills:

This 5 pound bills is fully printed from double side and is particularly offered for Motion Picture Purposes. On purchasing the 5 pound bills the buyer have to agree to use them in a legal manner.

Furthermore, seeing the quantity requested by the buyers, our company aims to ship it within 1 business day guaranteed. If for some particular reason, the product is not right, we will serve you to correct it.

Our company has produced a 5 pound bill which is made of thin and flexible polymer just like the real pound bills.

The denomination is used widely, buy online soon.

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